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 Egins mod application

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PostSubject: Egins mod application   Thu May 10, 2012 9:13 pm

Ingame name: Egin

real name: Egin

how old are you? 22

How long have you been playing the server? depends if you consider the old server or not.
what comes to v2 i have been playing for around 6 days

Why do you think you should be a mod of EpidemicPvP? i think i should become mod because i can help the server in many different things. this means i can do different things in different situations example: when thers few or no players at all online its smarter to put my resources into advertising / testing bugs etc. rather than moderating

Why do you think you deserve it? i think i deserve a staff spot because i have been doing my best helping the server to get a good start and i have also been helping the players when it have been needed.

Have you helped someone? i have helped every time i have seen a player in the need of help

How long can you play each day? i can normally be online around 6h a day and even more in xat. i havent been all this active so far because i have been really busy at work

Are you active on both forums and ingame? im usually more active on forums and xat than in game because i can check those even when im afking/busy. well i cant really say im more active on forums atm since the forums are quite inactive

Do you respect owners? well you should decide whether i respect you enough or not

Have you broken any rules? i have broken 1 rule 1 time but this isnt the time or place to discuss that

Do players like you? well every 1 have their haters specially on a pk server but i think most of players manage pretty well whit me

Tell us about yourself: id like to say few important things about my moderating style here:
i help when some 1 asks for it meaning i dont go asking all new players whether they need help or not.
i follow my common sense rather than server rules. example when some 1 multi loggs in wilderness im most likely gona take some kind of action even tho its not offically writen to server rules. (ofcourse when its nothing game breaking i will ask owners opinions before taking action)
punishments: i think using staff powers to punish some 1 should be the last option. ofcourse i dont hesitate to use mod powers on more serious rule breakings.

(sorry for the spelling errors)
i tried my best to keep it short ;P
well let me know what u guys think

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Egins mod application
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